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Originally Posted by Riestrella View Post
Hey guys! So I'm at my boyfriends now, I woke up this morning feeling like [email protected] I think I'm super dehydrated. It doesn't help that I have a chesty cough that makes me cough like a smoker when I wake up. Today I'm going to RUN. It's going to be a short one to ease me into it, just one lap around the local park. Then I'm going to go shopping in Shinjuku, head on over to h&m since it's the only shop in Tokyo that doesn't intimidate me. They have loads of boutiques here so I have to ask for sizes (for one, I don't know how to do!) and I just know they don't stock fat sizes! Japanese women are teeny. I did a super quick strength workout last night, it really was about 10-15 minutes of lunges and squats. Kinda sucky, but I guess it's better than nothing? Felt my heart rate go up so I guess it counts!!


golden - I know how you feel, when I was at my highest weight I was getting into sizes that were on the cusp of being plus sized. But it's great you're having a revelation, because that means you'll see success! You CAN do it!!

grapefruit - Congrats!! What kind of exercise will you be doing?

I'll be doing a lot of running because I enjoy it although unfortuntely it'll be in the gym because unlike at home, at university there aren't many great places to run outside! I'm also planning to do more yoga, and strength classes once or twice a week at my gym. I also play netball for a team here.

I'd love to go to Tokyo, are you based out there for work? I know what you mean about clothes shops in Asia though, when I've been there I just stick to the Western chain shops, which is a shame but necessary a lot of the time!

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