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Hi D,
I can't compare the duodenal switch to the sleeve, because I've never research or read about the switch, so I don't know a thing about it. Jiff would be a great one to chime in here.

I'm so sorry for the cognitive impairment that you have suffered. In reading many, many posts from those who have have the vertical sleeve surgery, I haven't come across this particular side effect. Maybe it has something to do with the malabsorption, which isn't a factor in sleeve patients. On my last visit, the possible side effects were explained to me, but this wasn't mentioned. Regardless, thanks for the heads up, and I will be sure to ask my bariatric doc about it.

It encourages me that you said that even with the complication, you are still glad you had WLS. Thanks for the well wishes, and I'm sending some back to you! I hope you are feeling strong mentally and physically soon.
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