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Do you buy most of your veggies fresh or are they frozen/canned? There are some things that I don't mind frozen (peas, corn, edamame) but others that I far prefer fresh (broccoli, asparagus, carrots). Also, how do you cook them? Roasting carrots or cauliflower with a little olive oil, salt and pepper bring out their flavors -- in general, roasting is my favorite way to prepare veggies. Unfortunately, this may not be budget-friendly. Buying in season always helps with price -- right now winter squash is in season -- so delicious when roasted!

Do you like salad? If you prepare kale with a vinaigrette-type dressing, massage it in, and let it sit overnight to tenderize, it is not very different from lettuce and generally more nutritious.

We often have raw veggies with dinner. I'll put bowls of carrots, cucumbers, celery or sugar snap peas out on the table.

Fruit is a perfectly good side dish, but you need vegetables in your diet, too. You could do fruit some nights and veggies other nights to help with variety, but you really should eat veggies every day.

I would encourage you to keep trying different vegetables prepared in different ways -- there are so many different options, even a picky eater is sure to find something!
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