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Good Morning, Flowers! It's a dark, gloomy, windy, rainy, cold day in my corner of the world this morning. Days like this make me appreciate the sunshine so much even if it is colder outside. I'm dressed and have a load in the washer but that's about it. I could run a couple errands but hate going out in this weather.

Maggie -- I'll bet Cecil is getting vibes that you are planning to leave and he doesn't want to get left behind. I saw that Grands recipe in a Facebook ad; looks good to me too. Have a safe trip to CA if I don't "see" you again before you leave.

"Gma" -- I always made my own mammogram appointments until this year. When I tried she said I had to have a doctor's order so I called the clinic and the nurse called it in. When I was in for my physical I asked about the change and the doctor said, "thank O!" I sure don't know why anyone would want to do these more than once a year. Well . . . harvest lasts until they get it done! They planted late this year because of the rainy spring. The other problem being that not all fields were 100% ready at the same time so they were switching between the corn and soybeans which meant switching "heads" on the combine. Also, the farmer has five different areas, several miles apart, that he farms so they have to move all the machinery: semi, wagons, tractors, pickups, and combine. I didn't know this until a couple years ago but there is a different head for corn and beans. They are so wide they can't go down the road on the combine so have to be taken off and moved on their own special trailer. The guys are about done for this year except now the rain will delay them a day or two. Farmers don't want to pay the elevators to dry either crop if they can help it. Some of the bigger farms have dryers in their bins but that still takes electricity. I guess most of the guys are getting better yields than they thought they would because of the dry summer. On our way to Sioux City there is an area where the corn stalks are laying pretty flat because of the tornado winds that went through a few weeks ago. Bob said it will be hard to combine because there are no rows to follow, and the combine can't pick up the flat stalks as well. Sad.

Susan -- Do you sell quilts at a quilt show or just display them? We have a quilting group at church that makes quilts for what they call Ingathering. The quilts, health kits, baby kits, school kits, etc., are sent over to needy countries; it's a big shipment when combined with all the other churches involved in NW Iowa. Our group of ladies are in their 80s and 90s, so I don't see that part being carried on by the youger generation, sad to say. I'm sorry about the asthma attack; I can imagine how scary that is for you. I'm glad you can doctor yourself! Christmas will be here before we know it, and you are so organized to have started shopping!

The washer should be finished so on to the next load. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday today!
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