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Good morning, ladies! A balmy 59 degrees today. It's supposed to be in the 70s for the next few days then return to the low 60s.

Our quilt guild had its quilt show last weekend. I worked there on Saturday. The committee did a wonderful job. It was by far the best show we've ever had.

I woke up during the night Saturday with an asthma attack and it just hung on through yesterday. I'm breathing better today so came to work. Too much cold air, I think for I worked the admission desk at the quilt show and it was right by the door where everyone came in. I've given myself a few breathing treatments, started a 5-day Pednisone burst and taken it easy. The doctor lets me treat myself and gives me prescriptions for 100 Pednisone at a time because he knows I won't overdo it and I will come in if it doesn't respond quickly.

Faye, how nice to have many happy memories of your vacation and to come back thinner than you left. It can be done. That's one reason exercise is so important. I think you'd like the Y. If yours is like mine, the seniors are in the majority in the morning and there's socializing as well as exercise. We have a lounge area with free coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Jean, balancing the first time is great! I don't even want to think about Christmas yet. I ordered hand cream from Avon for the 24 ladies in my 2 quilting bees that exchange gifts and I have Sandy and Glory and that is it for gift giving. I need to make something for another bee, but that is already just about finished.

Maggie, I'm sorry this trip to CA will be a sad one. It's nice you can take different ways and see more of the country, though.

Have a wonderful day!

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