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Good morning ladies. Quick post as I am running behind this AM. I slept in this morning and that made a world of difference. I haven't eaten breakfast yet either and need to get some nourishment in me and start in cleaning.

I called and made my yearly mammogram and called and made a dr appt. They are Thur and Fri of next week. She said the dr's office usually schedules the mammogram after she asked me who my dr was. I told her for the last 6 years I have scheduled my own and got a letter giving me permission to schedule. She was all, "Well, yes, I can do that for you but your dr should....blah blah blah." Why would they send the recipient a letter with the scheduling number and all the info if you can't just schedule it yourself. Why should I pay to go to the doctor just to get a mammogram appt when I can do it myself? They want women to get them, then make it hard to do it. It is ridiculous. I guess she was trying to be a smarty pants by telling my dr's name had changed. Well, I called the dr's office first and they never said one word about her getting married and her name had changed. I am not sure she knew what she was talking about but anyway.

I am going to have to make an appt with the gyn now too as I am back to "acting up" so to speak. I am still on a round of those hormones though so will probably take my last month then go see him. Sheesh it is always something.

Jean: How long does harvest last? They haven't even picked the cotton here yet and usually by the second week in October it is stripped bare. You do just fix dinner and when he comes in he just warms it up or do you just do whatever like sandwiches and stuff or trust him to find himself something to eat? Must be nice to have the money come out first try.

Maggie: I don't drink tea. I will not ever drink coffee and I do occasionally drink tea, but not as a norm. I will drink ice tea once in awhile, but for the most part I don't drink tea. Hope the dogs and kitty do ok at the vets. It is a sad time to leave, but you will enjoy the traveling I am sure.

Well girls, need to jump to it. Have a good day all. Faye
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