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I had a realization the other night when searching for clothes to add to my Christmas wishlist.I realized that I am among the largest size in the regular womens depart. And if I dont make a change Ill have to go over to plus size....I dont want to do that. I looked at plus size for gifts for my mom, sister, and brothers girlfriend and it was not cute. Also realizing I come from a fat family and may always be a little fat but I can still be healthy.
Also preworkout today my.scale said 193! I lost 3 pounds after AF came to visit thia week!
Also its all about positive thinking. Im eliminating cant from my vocabulary. I was at the gym today and I got tired and said okay I cant do this anymore then I immediately said no. Cant isnt going to happen. I refuse and went on to do two more sets of lunges and squats to complete my 90 minute workout I said I would do.

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