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Originally Posted by patns View Post
Molly, I hope I can handle the low carb baking when I get to goal again. My problem is falling back on my nibbling habit and not getting my protein in. Making sure I get enough protein seems to be just as important as getting fewer carbs.

I think protein is a key. I find if I get all my protein, I'm not hungry and don't have an urge to snack or nibble. When I don't, I'm hungry in just a short time and then I want something and resistance isn't easy. It's just as importance in maintenance to keep the delicate balance as it was in P1.

My problem is I love to cook and bake and I find all these things to make, but I really don't need them around to eat. I need to be like the Amish around here and bake all week and then have a bake sale on the weekend when the "down staters" come up to "play." When I go back to work, it won't be as bad as I will not have time to bake.

Speaking of work. I need all of your good thoughts as I have a phone interview Thursday morning. I hate interviewing, so I need all the support I can get. Thanks.


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