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Cool That's certainly a start. When in doubt, there's

1. How to become a vegetarian (pretty solid advice!)

2. Advice I wish I followed better:

Just for reference, I've been a pescatarian for around 4 years. I lost around 35lb by cutting meat. It took me maybe 1 month to drop the first 10 lb, and then ~5lb in the second month, and a few lb here and there ever since. I was not trying to lose weight, although that was a very welcomed unintended benefit. I eat fish, dairy, and eggs. This may not work for you because everyone's body is different, but I do suggest you try out vegetarianism (absolutely no meat) for a month.

Lol. I remember a month in, I had a WEIRD craving for raw ground beef haha, but then afterwards, I couldn't stand to smell or touch meat... it became almost psychological. In my mind, I often think to myself: "I hate that people eat meat, I hate how animals are treated, I hate society for coming to this, I hate how meat makes me feel bloated and sick" etc. etc.

No matter what you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck!

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