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Default pagan community websites....

Okay so I was wondering if anyone here frequents some pagan community websites, based on some of my bad experiences with Wiccan-centered or New-Agey centered ones. I'd like to try something a bit different. Sure a lot of them claim they are open to listen to ideas that aren't Wiccan, or typical new age ideals but when you dig deep you find alot of the same belief ideals. The bad about that is, it seems like if you are alternative to them then you are seen a bad person and you can get banned. (Which has happened to me) Okay so yes I take from light and fluffy stuff like Christianity and Wicca but I do have other perspectives based on gritty life experiences that a lot of New Agers don't want to hear to put it bluntly. I feel I need a forum to discuss this side to me in a spiritual context.I do believe in reincarnation myself but I'm open to exploring other after-life ideals that various pagans believe. As much as I believe in reincarnation, I don't like the attitude of, "Oh if you do one thing bad you get the karmic, reincarnation version of ****," "blah, blah". Perhaps this is a good site but I was wondering if someone could help me find a pagan centered site that offered this idea of gritty paganism?

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