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Hi Turtles,
Had a great Halloween party Sat. night. All the costumes were funny or terrific and we had fun. I went as a voodoo doll. To say I am "stretching "
to find a new idea for a costume is putting it mildly. All in all really good.
People stayed late which means they were having a good time. I had the food brought in. It saves a lot of work and we've got a good place that is reasonable and delicious. So funny how peoples eating habits are changing.
In the past I've had a huge salad and at the end of the evening it looked as though no one touched it. This time around it was almost all gone. People are catching on that filling your plate 1/2way with a delicious salad and then taking bites of the other things does work. We also had ds and his family overnight from Fri.-Sunday to stay with us. Good visit. i love those.

Food is good. I am concentrating one day at a time. I am doing my best to avoid most carbs except veggies and two pieces of fruit a day. The weird thing is I am less hungry and that is so puzzling to me. I lost weight very well doing this when I was 35 and although I've been fighting the idea, I was ready to do it again. I'll let you know how I do. More lean protein, no bread, it's working today.

Hey, best to all of you. Yep, we do persevere even though it's not easy. I guess my point of view is where would I be if I didn't. Lots of luck and enjoy the day!
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