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Originally Posted by bbnk85 View Post
Well yeah, that's my problem right there. I don't like the taste of coconut. But classic oil (like olive oil) becomes toxic, if heated too much. (that's what I've read). So I am looking for a healthy alternative.
Which oil should I use than?
Use olive oil, as long as you're using regular roasting temperatures (350 degrees F) then it won't smoke. Smoking is where it's bad at that happens at close to 400 degrees with olive oil. Honestly, if you're roasting meat, then even plain old butter is fine (all fat calories being equal), you won't get THAT much extra saturated fat. The fat is really to encourage browning. Using an equal blend of olive oil and butter will increase the olive oils smoke point (which is why a lot of people will saute in an olive oil/butter blend, healthier butter, higher cooking temp olive oil).

You might want to check out this link to an article that clears things up about the cooking science a little:

Remember, the Mediterranean diet is considered among the healthiest in the world and they cook EVERYTHING with olive oil, including pizzas which are cooked at much higher temperatures than 350.

The main thing is to avoid frying in olive oil, but for any other type of cooking, really, it's fine.
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