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Good morning,

Bit chilly this morning but by afternoon it will be up to almost 70- how to you dress for 40 degree difference

My eating yesterday was not good, I really need to get my head in the game for the weekends. Today is a new day and clean slate.

Jekel - Halloween candy is out in a dish but I am not tempted as they are not the kind I like to eat so I have not dug into those.

Debbie- yikes how long of a drive is it into Denver?

Tywnn glad your clinic went well yesterday. Friday, Blue did well but did not like getting her nails clipped.

Cottage hope time flies for you so you can get your cup of joe. Glad your dad is feeling better

Beth I am sure some of eating is due to TOM coming but I am not blaming it I am blaming my mouth and hands lol

Ruth here is to a quick meeting this morning for you.

Cyndi I am with you lol. Though I am taking a day off tomorrow but that is because DH and DD both have doctors appointments. DH is getting a colonscopy and that takes a few hours so I figured might as well take the day off wouldn't really get any work done.

Alright back to work I go, tonight will be super busy in the Lou. World Series game 5, Rams Monday football at the dome, I hope traffic is not bad on my way home.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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