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Hi Sara,

I'm Sarah too - mom to 2 (not twins though, kudos to you!). I'm in my forties too, similar starting weight to you and only a few weeks ahead of you (I started Sept 16th). Happy to see you here!

I think short-term weight goals are somewhat helpful (I like the focus the "lose 5 pound challenge" gives me - and I love your goal of staying cheat-free until Thanksgiving. That's a great behavioral goal. I've made it cheat-free for 6 weeks now! The 230 goal by Thanksgiving sounds do-able, but I'm always cautious with time-based weight goals, because while you can control your behavior (cheating, what you eat, exercise, etc) you can't always control the scales - and in my experience stalls are part of the process. Plus I tend to be a perfectionist and beat my self up if I don't make the goal - even if I'm only a pound or two away.
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