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Good morning everyone! It is going to be a nice day here and a bit warmer into the 70's by this afternoon. I noticed it didn't get as cold last night either as the furnace never kicked on.

Weighed myself today and am the same so that is fine with me.

Today I start housecleaning and getting the house back in order. It is a mess from dragging in suitcases and such and they getting all that stuff put away. A good cleaning should help it feel it is back to routine again. I also have a couple loads of laundry to do and put away dishes from the dishwasher and reload breakfast stuff.

I am hoping the yarn gets here tomorrow as it will take some time to finish a pair of socks for Thomas. He wears a size 10 mens shoe now. The kids will be down here the first week in December and we will have Christmas then so I have to get the darn things done.

The place on my upper arm where I got sunburned is peeling and driving me nuts. The skin is tender but the dead skin itches. I keep putting lotion on it hoping the new skin will be less sore and the dead stuff will fall off. My toes are doing fine too so that is good. The one that I bumped is pretty much healed and not sore to the touch anymore and the one where the toenail fell off is coming along too. It looks weird having all the other toes painted, but it is coming in healthy it looks like.

Jean: I can't seem to keep myself clean when I eat spaghetti. Even if I don't spill on it, I come home and find tiny spots of sauce that have splashed off the plate somehow. Hope it was good to make it worthwhile. My grandmother made the best black raspberry jam but it is really hard to even find black rasperries these days. I like a good raspberry or blackberry jam on toast.

Maggie: I bought Jay Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee. It is supposed to be excellent. I have no clue since I do not drink coffee. Jack says he is going to take a bottle of creamer onto the ship next year. You can get free coffee down in the cafes and we have little fridges in the rooms. Glad you haven't caught Will's cold. Hope you can keep yourself healthy.

Sounds like the washer is done so need to get going on everything this morning. Have a great start to your week. Faye
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