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Originally Posted by patns View Post
65, I am originally from the east coast of Canada, now on the Canadian prairie.

I never had trouble with dry skin back east, the air is so moist. Here the air is so dry it is an issue. Your skin must really be dry if you have that much trouble in the east.
I just remembered what I added while on phase 1 was krill oil supplements. I think they really helped and they don't have a fishy after taste. I must remember to pick some up at Costco again.
Thanks for the hint patns...Do use a fish oil my husband thought was pretty good, but I possibly need to add something else, and will need to get more soon of something. The problem is likely somewhat hereditary, and also possibly a function of thyroid, which although the numbers say is controlled..may in reality still be a bit wonky after so many rears on replacement. I feel good otherwise and amazingly was not losing my hair as others have and on IP. Have been digging out all the hand lotions and skin stuff from last winter. There is still a long season of card making ahead of me and my fingers need to work! Haven't even started the Holiday greetings yet. By this time last year I'd not only nailed the design...they were almost 100% assembled and completed. (LOL...too much time on the internet ..AKA ...3FCs this fall!) Good luck with the baking...I miss it as I used to do a lot, and very special creative molded cookies esp for the holidays, but turned to inedible ways to be creative years avoid having the finished product around!

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