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I don't personally know too much about the sugar/faux sugar debate. But I do know that I can't have anything in the family of splenda, sucralose (sp?), aspertame, etc. Aspertame and fake sugars send me off the edge and I end up sick as a dog. Aspertame Intolerance as my dr has labeled it... or something to that degree. My mom also has it. The smallest thing even - the whipped cream on my frappachino gave me a headache and made me nauseous after just one drink (apparently the baristas at a certian coffee company were out of the reg type and didn't think it was nessecary to let me know this minor detail).

This rxn of mine makes me EXTREMELY hesitant to try any of the new 'natural' zero cal sweetners out there. I (well... my friend) found Nectresse. I was hesitant, but she brought a box in for me of the individual packages and just asked me to try it instead of my raw sugar for my morning coffee. NOTHING! NO REACTION! I FINALLY FOUND A NO CAL SWEETNER THAT DOESN'T DO BAD THINGS TO ME! HUZZAH!

So. Summary of this post?

What about Nectresse? Made by Splenda, claims to be more natural (Monk Fruit).
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