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Good Afternoon, Flowers! I've spent most of the day at church. We had just one service with a praise group from MN putting on the service. Afterwards there was a spaghetti dinner and true to form, I managed to drip sauce on my white shirt. After the dinner I brought Bob home so he could go to the farm and went back to church for the auction. The famous raspberry jam was going to be there again this year. The last time Bob ran the bid up and bought all the jars, then kept two and turned the rest back to be auctioned off again. This time there were only 8 jars and the guy in charge didn't give me the option of buying all even though Bob had told him we wanted to do that again. (I think the guy bidding against me complained that he wanted a jar, before the jam was offered.) I managed to get 5 and turned 3 back in again. Bob doesn't even like it while I could just sit and eat it with a spoon. YUM! Now it's too late to start any major projects so think I will work on the afghan while it is still natural daylight.

Maggie -- Hope you are feeling better today!

"Gma" -- on another pair of pants that fit once again! I think joining the Y is a great idea. I wish we had one here. My floor is not dark dark, but not light as some I've seen in other homes. The lighter doesn't show the dust, footprints, crumbs, etc., as much as the darker shades. I think I would like mine better if I didn't have direct light from both the east and west shining clear through. Our deck is vinyl (?) and slippery when it's wet. The wood one looked terrible because Bob didn't think he needed to treat it, which he should have. I tried to tell him but you know how men can be!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and evening. Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

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