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Originally Posted by ladybugsgrandma View Post
I'm 54, 3rd week on IP, and am sooooo happy my endo recommended I do this! I'm not only down 15+ lbs (on the way to buy fresh batteries for my scale!), but I am down 80+ units of insulin over the past 2 months!

This past summer, we took my son's family to Disneyworld to celebrate his return from Afghanistan. When I finally had to rent a scooter to be able to do the things my granddaughter wanted to do, I became determined to do something about my weight. A few weeks later, I was told I was not a candidate for lap-band. Another few weeks went by and my ortho told me very bluntly that I needed a knee replacement, but was too obese and it would be a "waste of time." I was furious at the time, but 2 days later my endo suggested I check into IP. I guess my journey to that point created a mindset of "I WILL do this!"

Sooo... Here I am. On a journey to a healthier, happier, smaller me! ...and very happy I found this forum!

Hi Debbie

I can so totally relate to the determination you are reporting! IP WORKS!

Yesterday we talked about how "giving in" to such a restrictive program is just the sort of surrender we needed to completely change our lives.

Last year at this time I had been on IP for a bit but I still had no stamina. If I spent much time in the kitchen I had to rest. Today I'll be gone from home from 3 pm til past midnight for a World Series game. I couldn't have done this last year.

What a difference a year makes! I'm so thankful someone told me about IP and that I stuck with it NO MATTER WHAT.

All of the upcoming holidays CAN be done ON PLAN. I made it through every major holiday for an entire year plus my own 50th birthday. Nothing was deterring me. Nothing was enticing me except weight loss & sticking with it no matter what. It hasn't been easy (still isn't) but neither was the alternative. I was getting worse and worse.

I now say I have the disease of obesity and I'll have to treat it for the rest of my life, whether I'm currently displaying symptoms or not. One of our maintainers refers to herself as POW (previously overweight). I'm F-MOB (formerly morbidly obese). I never want to go back to where I was!
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