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Originally Posted by Annik View Post
In fact, the American and Canadian Diabetes Associations do recommend it.

Monsanto, maker of Nutrasweet, is their very generous funding donor.

There is a nutrasweet label on many CDA cookbooks and the product is mentioned by name in their campaign literature.
I don't know about the CDA but the ADA basically doesn't recommend any sweeteners. They just list details that they are approved by the FDA with no stance for or against.

I found a letter as far back as 1999 that there were emails accusing the ADA to be in association with Monsanto and other companies to push artificial sweeteners. Back them, they claimed that as false and as always their stance has been that they recommend using the limits set by the FDA when using artificial sweeteners and have no recommendation for or against the sweeteners, other than following any guidelines set by the FDA.

Now the FDA isn't infallible but that seems like the right stance to take from my point of view.

And this is the Canadian Diabetes Association, their recommendation is actually a bit stronger against artificial sweeteners than the US one. They seem to indicate that you may want to choose sugar over artificial sweeteners.
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