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Good morning to you all. I was so busy yesterday I clean forgot to come in and post. We now have all the clothing put away until next year. I hate to spend the money but I am hoping none of them will fit anymore.

I put on a pair of crinkle cotton pants and a gauze top to go to the commissary today. I haven't been able to wear either of them in years so I was ! They fit perfectly, not tight around the pockets, which for non stretch pants is where I worry as it is the first place they would split and the top in nice and loose with plenty of room.

Jackson called last night to tell us thank you for his Halloween present. My son says Jackson has started hiding the good stuff like candy bars and such and leaving the crummier stuff to share. Maybe because dad was always raiding his candy!!! It was nice to talk to him and to Jay. I bought Jay a small bag of Jamaican coffee and I think he will like it. He is a big coffee drinker grinding his own beans and such and these are whole beans.

We had chinese last night and it was great. I was cold all day and he brought me home some egg drop soup which warmed me right up. I think tonight will be chicken. Mother Hubbard's pantry is really bare so it will be a big load of groceries today I imagine.

I think we are going to join the YMCA so I can swim everyday again. I also want to use the stationary bike to help with my knee and other things to help build up my stamina. I am waiting to hear back from someone about the joining fee as it is supposed to be waived for people over 60. It is too bad they don't give the seniors a break, but they have this program for paying according to your income and our income is pretty up there still. I imagine we can go back and change it once Jack retires.

Maggie: Hope you are not catching a cold and are feeling better today. I sprayed Lysol in the ship's room and bathroom and we used a lot of antibacterial stuff while on the ship. Sounds like you have a good plan for you RV. You can't do this of course, but we always load the car in the garage with the door down so no one can see we are going away. Don't want to give anyone any ideas. Have you noticed whether or not Schwann's has gone up significantly on their prices?

Jean: Tomorrow it is clean the house day or at least start it. Next weekend is clean the deck, which is a total mess and if it rains all week and the leaves are too wet then Jack is going to shampoo the rugs. I will sure be glad when we can put the tile down all over. Two of the hotels we stayed at had the tile that looked like wood planks. They were both a bit lighter than I want, but I loved the look of them and they didn't get slippery when they got wet either, which is nice. I have to strip the bed and put on clean sheets too. Everything got left when we went on vacation until we got back home so now it is time to pay the piper!

Everyone have a good Sunday. We are off to the commissary in an hour or so. Sure hope the base is back to normal after that shooting a couple days ago out there. Faye
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