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Brr cold, damp & rainy in Michigan today. We had a huge rainstorm @ 3:45am that hit a electric transformer & I was under the blankets w socks & flannel pj's till 9am; the electric was back-on @ 10:30am. How do I know the exact time it went out dh left for work @ 3:30am & I was watching PBS TV till 4am I thought. Anyways he was Missed keeping me warm in bed w our indoor temp @ 40*. It felt like I was waking-up on a very cold camping morning in our tent-camper. Who's going on a warm vaca this winter, west or south We haven't been to Fl. to visit Mickey since 1995 & I'm determined to go in spring 2014 or 2015 & take the 3 grandbabes w us, so I'm saving my $ Kylie wants to b a princess.

Tori, was ALL over U @ that Italian restaurant U had fabulous control & I'm Very proud of U.... R U repeating any of the same things that have helped U lose pounds successfully? Hormones could b holding U back, or your bellydancing, just might b giving U new Muscles & U lost pounds but your body transferred your loss into muscle weight One day @ a time & keep measuring your 1 serving size portions, so U can still eat that delicious Latin food & cook w your girls & dh.

cowgirl what else can we call U? I'm happy that your dh will b home soon w U from hunting. U did wonderful being without him, I hope that U had a buddy [family, friend or pet] w U while he was away, so many temptations w/o our hubby's @ home w us. But my dh would b on-top-of-the-moon to b on a big hunt like yours did. What state do U live in? Here we have hunting & fishing year-round & my dh loves it. Lowering sodium does take new habits, like using 1/2 measures in recipes, substituting using lemon/lime juice, etc. & making your own seasonings like the hospital dieticians recommend. U said U r a nurse, how about sharing some healthy food tips w us Please TY soo much! Yay your almost in your teens do U remember how U felt as a "teen-ager"

Lyss, where r U U r looking beautiful so Please don't get stressed your family will love your new package! B prepared w tips & recipes for them to ask U for.

GettinFit & Carri we miss U, come home!

Susan, my typeA sis U made me happy & proud of U when I read that U put the brakes on your career dictating your home-life. U know what is going on & brings the sparkle in your eyes when U look in the mirror @ your body 'when Susie has Susie time, your body glows w happiness & peace' What would John do without U & how would he feel if U had a stroke that Is preventable... R U 'his role model' because U r on a fitness road? He may b shadowing U... So your personal life Is Important about how long U live & your quality of Life. Your dh, brother's family, everyone absolutely adores U I just feel that during the last 6 months your career has become your priority. I want my 5K friend back ASAP that sings karaoke. In our daily prayers we 'give Thanks' so it's time to Schedule yourself into your day planner & walk & sing If we were in the same room right now we'd prob b having a pillow fight for me 'telling U those things, like a bossy-caring sister would say' I see a -2 & a -3 pound loss happening for U in November So don't let me b a liar

Dh just tried handing me a hot fudge sundae w a brownie in the bottom & I gave it back. It's Not on my food list, but I am going to go eat some veggie sticks w guacamole' right now.

I'll you'all next week a few pounds Lighter Halloween candy is ONLY for the Trick or Treaters & the Monsters
Thank you for your Prayers PLease share a funny video Dee. "I'm a Gummy Bear" song from the Gummy Bear movie. Also a Minnions video clip that makes you LOL !

I have a Grandma brain
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