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@Barri: That is strange... I thought all the LA Centres worked the same. I was told to weight everyday so that you know what you were eating the day before was working for you or not.

Speaking of.....
I stayed the same today and I'm VERY thankful for it! I ate a huge heaping plateful of gnocci with a rose sauce for supper. It was so good and I kept sneaking spoonfuls. I also had a large slice of garlic bread. Hey... at least I had some salad to offset it! lol

I counted it as a CC and just prayed I wouldn't see a gain today!
But I know my efforts are going to be tested today and tomorrow. Today is my son's birthday and I have to have a slice of his birthday cake, don't I? And tomorrow I'm attending a family gathering with lots of yummy food.... the kind you don't get everyday

It's going to be hard and I won't be surprised if I gain a little. I hate that. Then I'll spend most of next week trying to get back to where I was and then continue the journey again!

Oh well...

This gathering was last minute because my MIL's cousin is visiting from out of country for one week and wants to see everyone.

Lol... this always happens whenever I decide to do a TO.

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