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Hi Everyone! It was one crazy work week for me and I'm still behind. I'm also behind at home. I have this house to clean, groceries to buy (Johnhas said he will do that for me--I see cookies and sweets in that cart! YIKES!!)

I am so tempted to work this weekend but I have told myself I'm tending to my own personal life this weekend and if I get it done I might peak at my work computer.

This coming week John has a doctor appointment with his cardiologist. It would be so nice if his heart has gone back into rhythm. It can happen on its own but its rare. So we will see what they will do next. It's always something!

I stayed the same at my TOPS weigh-in on Thursday. I will take it, as I wasn't good at logging my food and I only got one walk in for the week. This week (starting today), I'm on top of it. We don't have a meeting this coming Thursday due to Trick or Treat night in our town, so I want to be very aware of my eating and exercising so that the next week I can have a good loss. I have not really been giving this "losing weight" thing my best attention and I am starting to not feel good nor am I happy when I look in the mirror and it's hard to find cute clothes and the ones I have are tighter. Time to buckle down!

Dee: I'm so glad to hear that you are getting better. Continue to take care of yourself; you are a special person to me and I need you here! Thank you for the suggestions on how to sneak the exercise in. I'm such a "all or nothing person" and so this is helpful to me to think about it in that way and gives me a direction.

Tori: You were very good at that restaurant. Are you under 223?

Cowgirl: It's Saturday..your official weigh-in day. I hope those scales are good to you.

Alyssa: How are you doing staying on track? 2 weeks until you see your family right?

Have a great day everyone. I need to get moving!
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