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Good Morning, Flowers! It was 26 degrees when I went downstairs this morning. The sun is supposed to shine but so far nada. The outside water bowl froze and the leftover kitten was here for breakfast. The kitten Bob took to the farm hasn't been seen since. I'm working on a grocery list and need to see if I can get part of the rubber sole, on my favorite "hangin' out" shoes glued or fixed at the shoe shop.

"Gma" -- Hope your toes are both on the mend. Did you ever try Vicks? It sounds like what you are doing is working. I will that Jack gets the job! Bob can only watch so much tv and he isn't good as just sitting around doing nothing unless he is really, really tired -- like after long days of farming. I have seen pictures of cruise ship food and the fancy ice sculptures; I can see where it would be easy to overeat.

I'm dressed and need to get a move on. Hope you all enjoy a fantastic Friday!

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