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Hi Lizzie - Just browsing through the posts and noticed that you said you had issues going from hypo thyroid to hyper, and back. I thought I was the only one and wondered what was causing it. My PCP is useless on this. A couple years ago I started losing weight quickly and got tested and I was hyper. PCP said to wait and see if it leveled itself out, which it did in a month or so. Levels have been normal until a few months ago. I woke up during the night having horrible palpitations. I have heart issues, so I got scared that I was having a heart attack, so I went to the ER. While there, the palpitations stopped, and they found nothing wrong with my heart, thank God, but said I was hypo and to see my doctor. When I called for an appointment and told them why, he just put me on meds without any further testing. After a couple weeks of meds, I started feeling really hyper, so I stopped the meds and then felt fine. When I told the doctor I quit taking the meds without consulting him, he got mad and ordered more bloodwork. It came back normal without the meds, and has been normal ever since. When you are swinging back and forth like this, what can you do? I think he should have done more extensive testing to see why this is happening. Now I know the signs and symptoms of both hyper and hypo and will know it's my thyroid instead of a heart issue.

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