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Good morning ladies. I am freezing to death this morning as it is pretty chilly and will be all day. This weekend is commissary weekend and hopefully they have the shooting mess out at the base all cleared up.

I have toe issues! I stubbed my left big toe before we left and scrunched the nail down into the skin so it hurt like the devil. Some clutz then stepped on it on the ship and I kept stubbing it so I had a mess. In this case, taking every medicine known to man with me paid off. I used antibacterial hand wash to clean it 2-3 times a day, then put Neosporin into the nailbed and left it open during the day, but put a bandaid on it at night. As soon as we got on land again, I bought hydrogen peroxide and starting using it. It isn't completely healed but in good shape. This morning I went to the bathroom and looked down and my second toe on my right foot looked funny. I leaned over and touched it and my toenail fell off! That toe had fungus and had become really thick. I have been treating it for a long time with the toe fungus stuff to no avail, but it has not fallen off so I filed the rough new nail coming in and put the fungus stuff on it hoping it won't thicken up again.

I am down to my last two loads of clothing. One is in the dryer and the other is waiting to go into the dryer. Tomorrow is put everything away day and Sunday is commissary day. Next weekend if it is nice we are tackling the deck as it is a total mess.

I finished paying bills this morning, fixed my meds for the week and started my menu and grocery list. I started a load of dishes and am going to either knit or finish the book I have been reading.

Maggie: We had a grand time, most of it just relaxing. I will let you know when I have all the pics up on facebook if you would like to see them. I love down pillows but they make me sneeze. Some of the hotel pillows were great and some not so good. It is true even though he hates it, being at the vets is much safer and you know he is being well cared for.

Jean: The posting for the foreman job just came out so Jack applied for that. Since it is mostly desk work, he can work a lot longer that way (provides him more money for cruising! ) Glad Bob is still hanging on. Jack doesn't bother me much being home all the time when he is on vacationg or long weekends or whatnot. Oooh banana bread, yum! They had such great fresh fruit on the ship, apples, bananas, melons, pineapple, prunes. I had fresh fruit every morning for breakfast. I have to say the buffet for breakfast was excellent as they had hot and cold cereals, eggs a couple different ways including scrambled eggs with shrimp, which I bypassed! I like shrimp and scrambled eggs, but not together! They had wonderful little pastries too. They had this breakfast bread that was king of chewy and had cranberries and raisins in it and it was delicious. Each table had ingredients in the center and then each couple had a cutting board, silverware to use, bowls, lemon squeezer, etc. We made regular red salsa, green tomatilla salsa, a yummy fruit salsa we put over mexican ice cream and it was to die for, guacamole, though I like mine better. We had chips, littl taquito thingys and quesadillas to eat our salsa with. They made regular margaritas with either salt rim or sugar rim then they gave us frozen strawberry samples of margarita. I drank all virgin stuff. I just don't like the taste of alcohol. I did have something in the champagne bar while we waited for our room to open up. It was a mango martini and boy was it good.

I thought I would post a picture of a drug store in Cozumel. I thought it was funny what they advertised for sale without a prescription.

I guess I better check on the dryer stuff. You all have a grand weekend!!! Faye
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