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This is an interesting thread and it makes me realise that my bingeing habit began in my teens. We lived out of town and only shopped once a fortnight. My mother would usually pick me up from school and I'd go grocery shopping with her, where I'd pile a heap of junk into the trolley for myself. But this junk did not last the fortnight, it was lucky to last the night. I had a happy childhood and my happiest times are usually the time when I reach for food. If something good is on tv I reach for yummy food. If I'm reading a good book I want to eat something yummy while I'm reading it. But over the years I've fallen heavily into bingeing. There were many times I ate a whole tub of ice cream & pack of cones in an evening. Times I've eaten a whole cake, as well as a block of chocolate. I got into the mindset of needing a back up; just in case one bag of lollies wasn't enough, I'd buy something else as well. I can't say that bingeing is a thing of my past, but I'm trying to weed out my triggers now. I bought a whole cake yesterday. I ate two pieces. The rest of the cake is sitting uneaten on the table. I have boxes of snack bars in the cupboard. They've been there for weeks, in the old days I would have eaten the lot in a night. Bingeing will always be a battle for me, but I'm really hoping that identifying the things that trigger a binge, by not denying myself in the first place and by portioning, that one day it won't be so much of an issue.
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