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Good Evening, Flowers! We had sunshine today! It wasn't quite as cold nor windy as yesterday. Bob worked in the office this morning; a previous agent is coming back to work and Bob thought maybe he (Bob) was being replaced. That's not so; the manager called and said he was letting another agent go in a nearby small town. I don't think Bob is quite ready to completely retire and I know I'm not ready for him to be home 24/7 with winter on the way. I made a loaf of banana bread this morning while the washer and dryer did their jobs. I had my monthly coffee date this afternoon; put off going to the grocery store again today. I have got to go tomorrow!

"Gma" -- Wow! You both look like you have lost weight in the second picture! Sorry about the sunburns -- not fun! Did you make the salsa in a class and did you get to eat it? I've never made it but Jason does; he likes spicy so I don't touch it!

Maggie -- Glad the dog is quiet again. I feel sorry for dogs, or any animal, left alone outside while the family is gone.

I have a load of undies to fold so better do that. Any time I bring laundry upstairs to fold I put it on the couch and Sonny makes a flying leap right in the middle of the pile. I don't know how he knows what I'm doing as he is usually glued to the sliding doors guarding the deck. Hope you all enjoy a fantastic Friday tomorrow!
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