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6 lbs down! Thank goodness! I know it isn't normal and is likely a combination of loss from the last weeks since I've focused so much on drinking water to lose some of the bloating I was feeling last but I don't care - I needed this jump on the scale!!

Part of why I needed this was because I really felt this last week I had "figured it out." I had my water where it needed to be, I was drinking the right number of shakes, and I started an enjoyable exercise plan going that I know I can continue. Had the weigh in been bad for a third week in a row, it would have hit hard.

Plan for this upcoming week is to stick to plan and have a 10000 step goal each day. Here's hoping I've turned a corner!

I hope you both also had a good week. ReggaeRN, I especially hope you found this first week bearable!
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