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Lol...... I was typing a response and was about to click 'post' and then the power went out in my area! Great... I lost what I posted and I lost a cookie recipe I was going to make this evening with my son. He is going to take it to school tomorrow for his birthday! Agh.... Now I have to spend time looking for it and i'm not sure what they are called.

Anyways... good morning ladies!

How are you all doing?
Yesterday was my first day back on the program (after my TO) and I'm very excited and pleased to announce that I dropped 0.5 lbs overnight!
I'm super pumped.

@Katie: Good for you for abstaining from the treats that others were having around you! THAT shows pure determination and THAT attitude will get you the results that you want.
Keep it up.

@Barrie: YES... thank you for your offer. I am doing the old coloured plans. I never got to 'stabilize' as my centre closed down just when I reached my goal! I lost weight again recently and reached my goal but, unfortunately, summer began with a bang and there were so many gatherings and parties all summer long. It was like a summer I never experienced in a long time. It was fun but.....
I didn't get to teach myself how to stabilize or maintain and, here I am again, trying to lose the weight I gained towards the end of summer.
Thanks again and I'll let you know when I get there.

So... here's to Day 2 OP!

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