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Good morning gals. Chilly here this morning and supposed to stay cool. Guess summer temps are officially over now.

Ok, for some reason, the second picture didn't post in the post above. The black dress is last year, the red one is this year. Quite a difference, huh? One gal said I didn't look like the same person.

Today is all about laundry and starting to get it all put back. Tonight is Genghis Grill as I have a free bowl and a free birthday bowl so dinner will be cheap. I have to use it or lose the birthday bowl tomorrow. I was just too tired to go out to dinner last night.

The resort in Jamaica was excellent. It was huge and had all kinds of things to do. My knee has gotten pretty bad so I was leery of walking on sand, but the ocean was only about 50 ft or so from the pool where I was sitting. I gave a pool boy $20 and told him to keep me filled up and he sure did. My glass would get empty and he would fill it right back up. I drank a lot of water because the heat was excessive. I did a bit of swimming but my left hip acted up so much I quit trying. On top of that, I had on SPF 50 sunscreen, was sitting in the shade under an umbrella and had a towel drapped over my legs and still got sunburned!!! Poor Jack somehow got sunburned on the top of his feet pretty back. He had on men's flip flops and the burn was on the top and bottom of where the wide piece was. Luckily, I brought aloe vera and that took care of it. We were so tired from Jamaica we didn't even go into Grand Cayman. Jack took some pictures from the ship is all. On Friday was the salsa salsa and that was fun. We had a couple who part of our dining table there and we sat together and had a blast. They didn't have AC though only fans and it was hot. They brought out cold towels every once in awhile. I had hibiscus tea cold instead of the liquor though I had a virgin margarita. I am just not a drinker. Jack only had one then drank water. Making the salsa was fun but Jack made a mess of it and I think I did too. All in all it was a lot of fun. I didn't do any dancing because of my knee but Jack gave it the ole college try when they did the salsa dancing. Jack was voted table captain so had to go up and dance with the other captains. He has such cute knobby knees!

Jean: Last year I didn't put our phones on airplane mode and it cost me $200 for roaming charges. Jack doesn't take his laptop on board as they charge expensive fees to use it. So, that's why you never heard from me the whole time. We were not in American territory like last year. St Thomas is free to call from last year, but this year everything is charged and expensive.

Have a good day today! Faye
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