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I completely get that feeling of disappointment when you were anticipating a bit of a treat and it does not happen. As noted it is tough to deal with. Having a backup feel good thing has often worked for me. Today I went to lunch with a friend and we shared a Chinese chicken salad. They apparently did not toss it though they usually do. She served herself first and ended up with 95% of the chicken and I got the rest. Of course I was then feeling unsatisfied and starving after I got home (meetings in between). My mind was already starting that horrid self-talk about how I did not eat the planned anticipated delicious calories and I "deserved" to make them up. Right! I grabbed some eggs, snipped some garden herbs and make a quick egg white omlette and toasted some homemade bread. I had a lovely mini meal (sitting down!) and felt so good. Having back up plans/options is a good thing

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