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Default A little cheese with my whine....

It's been a very iffy month, not so much eating wise, but that too. I haven't binged but I've overeaten a couple of times and eaten somewhat less than stellar foods content wise. My clothes still fit fine but I'm sure progress has ground to a halt. I haven't had a chance to really think about my eating other than making big salads and relying on the case of fresh organic Cameo apples that we bought in Washington on the way down at my in-laws and my mother's house. (They both eat terribly IMO.)

So we left AK for the winter and right before we took off one of our dogs (the young rescue) started favoring her right rear leg. Dogs do that, so we thought that a six day car ride would rest and recover it. We got to the in-laws in Vegas and she's still limping. So we take her to a good vet in Vegas and long story short after that visit and a consult with a veterinary teaching school hospital and finally an orthopedic specialist, she will need surgery to the tune of $4K a leg. Both rear legs need surgery due to a terrible congenital defects that surface at roughly this age. The recovery period is long with PT required. OMG!

And so we get to our second home and the place is a wreck. The guy that we paid to keep it mowed down did bare minimum, really he just phoned it in, though his rates doubled this last year from previous. We had big tree limbs down and overgrowth everywhere. The field that was supposed to be mowed and baled is eye high. One misplaced match or tossed butt with wind from the south will set our house on fire. Any other direction will set our neighbors on fire so we are hiring other guys come to do the work. My DH is overwhelmed.

Our van has work that needs to be done after the trek. Our South Padre Island trip is off. We are hemorrhaging red ink right and left. Pretty much it's all bills coming in that exceed the incoming right now. It's discouraging to say the least. I guess the bright spot is eating less will be lower food bills....

So a bit of smoked gouda or brie with my whine.


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