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Originally Posted by Shy16 View Post
Okay... D-Day is here and reality has set in.
It's time to get motivated and set fire to my metabolism again! I'm pumped and excited to get this unwanted weight off of me. I let it slide too much.
Actually, I didn't really get a chance to even try the Stabilization phase because my summer started with two family trips to the states right away. Then it was followed by a summer of constant guests and also going away. I kept my weight in check for most of the summer but, towards the end, I just went 'carefree'. There was too much going on to even try to be on track...

I should also add that I reached my goal just as my centre closed down back in the day and never learned how to stabilize, let alone maintain! So.... I've done it twice now and this time I'm going to learn how to stabilize and maintain. Let's hope nothing else gets in my way of learning how to do it!

So, anyways.... today is day one of my TO and I've had two cups of black coffee and one orange so far! I'll be having my breakfast soon. I'll probably have two eggs and some green peppers.
So far so good.

I'm so glad to see that there is such a supportive group that is forming here. After all, we all know what it's like to follow LAWL and we can all offer advice based upon our own experiences. Love it!!!

I hope everyone is doing great and that you are staying focused on your goals.
BTW...If you are doing the old colored plans I have the 6 week stabilazation and maintenance to add in each week etc...Let me know and if I can figure out how I can post it or email it to you when you are ready.

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