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Good morning Tuesday is Tim's second shift day, so a late night than we spent a little time trying to get his computer set-up. I'm just finishing my first cup of coffee. Finally went to the dr. yesterday for this cough I've had since I was at that training last month. He gave me a broad spectrum antibiotic, thinks I got some weird hotel bacteria. As long as this annoying cough goes away I'm happy. I see lots of yogurt in my near future.

Ruth - Add me to the velvet and greenery group. I've never liked all the cutouts and plastic characters.

Tammy- Hope the anxiety is easing up. I hate waking up with that.

Cottage - Those girls are so lucky you are part of their lives. What a great job for you

Jennifer - I've been a new recipe fiend lately. It's so bad I started a pinterest board just to keep track of things I want to try Can't wait to hear what you come up with.

Natasha - thanks for checking in! Hope all is going well for you.

Looks like I've got another short business trip coming up. Some of our leaders are going to the national conference in DC next month. I'm going to go with them, just Wed. - Sat. before Thanksgiving. It will be fun, I'll get to see really old friends I only see when I go to this conference.

Okay, time to get my plan together for the day and hit the road.
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