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I am not veg*n, but I collect cookbooks and diet books, so I'm always browsing my amazon and my local library for books I might want to buy. There are several low-carb vegetarian cookbooks and diet books out there..

But first you need to find out whether you need to know whether and how far you need to reduce your carb intake.

You may know this already, but for those who don't, low carb diets aren't recommended for all type ll diabetics, and even when they are, how low is often debated by recognized experts in the field.

My mother was told 100g of carbohydrate per day. My husband was given an exchange plan booklet that assigned about 200g to women and a little more to men.

Our doctor told us that we might have to experiment a little.

If you're taking insulin or other blood sugar lowering medications, you may need more carbs than if you aren't.

If you have medical insurance, check with your insurance provider about diabetes education classes. Often you will be alotted a number of hours every year. Hospitals generally provide these, but different educators have different beliefs and can make different recommendations.

Do you eat cheese and eggs or are you vegan? Vegan low-carb is more challenging than lacto-ovo vegetarian low-carb.

There are several vegetarian low-carb diets and cookbooks that you can find on amazon. You can put all that you're interested in, in a wish list aand then print the list to take to your library to help you find and order the books through inter-library loan.

You may want to buy several, but borrowing them first is a nice way save money and only buy the books that truly appeal to you.

E-books are convenient, but anyone can publish an ebook, so the quality is quite unpredictable, especially if the book is only available electronically.

Exercise also lowers blood sugar. Many diabetics can control their bloodsugar by only cutting out refined sugar and exercising regularly.
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