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Good Afternoon, Flowers! I am home for a couple hours until I have to change clothes for card club. It's been a sunny, windy, too cool day in my neighborhood. I really noticed the wind coming and going from all of my running in and out of the car to buildings today. The church secretary added another account on my list so half of my entries went to budget while the rest went to the kids' fund raiser; the difference being whether someone pledged or not. GRRRR! I didn't catch it until I was almost done but she graciously "fixed" all of them individually while I watched. She's done that to me before and it makes me growly when I don't catch it right away. Got my flu shot at the hospital, so picked up the gift shop money while I was there. Made that deposit on my way to my afternoon meeting. Bob is farming so I won't see him until I get home from card club later. Tomorrow I'm meeting with the gift shop buyer, who has resigned, to learn how to order the greeting cards.

Maggie -- I thought maybe you would plan a winter jaunt in your new motorhome. You will have fun getting it ready for whenever you decide to go.

Susan -- Your weather sounds like our's right now. Your yoga mat bag will be cute with the frogs on it. The prices on everything are going up by leaps and bounds! I've noticed several things coming in smaller packaging too. However, our gas price just dropped to $3.05. Go figure!

"Gma" -- I thought you would be home by now. Hope all is well with you and Jack.

I just noticed my neighbor has a gutless deer hanging upside down in his garage with the door open. Gag! He does that every year and I wish he'd shut the door!

Hope you all enjoy your evening!
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