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Welcome ReggaeRN! I don't mind the flavor either - at least not of the chocolate (I haven't tried vanilla yet). I thought it was going to be hard not eating when I started but that passed pretty quickly for me; hopefully that will be the case for you too. I did struggle with making meals for my family during that first week but that passed too. Occasionally I get the munchies in the evenings but find that if I think about what I'd like to eat, nothing comes to mind so I think that may be more habit than anything else. Are you doing soups and bars too? I opted not to as I thought I'd be better off all or nothing.

I have my weigh in on Thursday. Following plan precisely and have added exercise. Hopefully the scale will show it! I notice a difference in how I look and clothes fit, but still have the vain need to see the number drop.

Good luck this week! I'm anxious to hear all about your successes!
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