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Artificial energy makes me uneasy. I come from an extreme circumstance, where my longest "work day" was about 76 hours and a "good nights sleep" was more than 4 hours (I was in the military). I was pretty much forced to rely on products to "boost" energy. Needless to say, I spent a few years exhausted all of the time, unable to sleep, and sick. I even passed out a couple of times, and ended up with a concussion one of them.

Now that I no longer need them (in order to NOT fall asleep with my hands in a few thousand volts) I avoid them like the plague. I drink a lot of water, and take a multi-vitamin in the mornings (it has my B vitamins in it)....and I finally get the amount of sleep my body needs!! Life doesn't always line up to be able to do stuff the healthy way.... but when it does, I think it's better...even if it is less convenient.

Again, this is just my experience with this stuff (one of the guys I worked with used hydroxycut...not only to lose weight, but because there were so much energy-boosting properties to it, and he was in just as bad of health over it as I was).

But, all things in moderation, I guess. I'm sure they work wonders for many people, otherwise they wouldn't sell so many. I'm just leery, so don't mind me.
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