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Hello everyone and happy Sunday evening to you all! Busy and productive weekend for me. My apologies for not posting more and I promise to do better moving forward. I have been super busy at work and then I have been making it a point to get to the gym as much as i can so all of that together makes each day super busy. The puppies are growing and can be very challenging at times but the are sweet and only 6 months old so I have to remind myself that we will have good days and bad.
I am hovering right below 200 and I am doing everything right- exercising, eating in my points, water, etc but have been struggling to move the scale.
The topic at weight watchers this week was if you have stalled or the program is getting stale then do yourself a favor and change just one thing - exercise - food - a habit - just make one change - so I have added yoga to my workout routine. It can't hurt do is worth a try!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and has a great week ahead!!!
One day at a time... one pound at a time...

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