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Default I'm not a bottomless pit.

I've been having a lot of 'stuff' going on the past couple of weeks. They say that when things get 'bad' is when we learn the most.

I've realized this weekend that while I've been spending lots of time amazed at how badly people around me have been acting, and trying to be really zen about stuff and dismissing this C**p, the real issue is not their bad behavior BUT ME TREATING MYSELF AS THOUGH I'M A BOTTOMLESS PIT accepting and going with the flow, and so worried that my upset at their bad behavior is going to rock their boats.


So, I'm not a bottomless pit for everyone else's drama and problems, and unkept promises, and maybe sometime I'd like someone to see that. But the blessing is that now I see it.

And good changes are on their way.
Nothing needs fixing

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