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Well, way back when I liked these kinds of threads for daily support and a place to vent (which is often needed), so I'm back!

I've been basically between 169 and 163 for like more than a year (although I haven't regained everything, so that's good...). I'm ready to leave now.

Hello to all of you!

I weighed in at 166.6 last Sunday (I usually weigh on Sundays). Here's hoping that I'll be in the 150s soon! And the same for all of you!


Hey, any of you find it annoying that thin chicks can wear like what the heck ever and still look cute? It's obnoxious (mostly because I want to do it, too ). My sister does that.

Although, a lot of chicks who aren't that thin also look cute in whatever... I'm not one of them, sadly.

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