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Default to my questions.

1) Do you have recipes already written out somewhere on here for all those foods you mentioned? I am not at all asking you to write them out for me, just thought it was worth asking if in the past you had already done so. (These things: cheese/cauliflower sauce, homemade burritos, squash/chicken nuggets, burgers, zucchini/turkey meatballs)

2) Other than what is on the plan, does the Simple Diet differ from Medifast/Wonderslim? In terms of how and how fast you lose weight? (obviously knowing everyone's body is different)

3) And....since you've been here awhile, do you know if there's a thread or sticky that sort of "summarizes" all the packaged diet plans out there? Has anyone that's ever tried, say, Medifast, Simple Diet, Ideal Protein, Nutrisystem, etc, ever written about them all? I need a Diet "crash-course-for-dummies", I think. I feel like the more I read on individual threads about each diet separately, the more confused I get and realize I need to back up to figure out what "rules" those particular posters are living by, anyway, before I can understand their tips and strategies in the first place! Does that even make sense?

Thanks so much for all your help, especially when you're so insanely busy!
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