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I cleared the In Box and Tickler -- but in to piles on the floor of my office. 26 of them, I just counted. No lurking unpaid bills, though, so that was good. But a bigger mess than when I started.

I'm in the process of restructuring how I handle tasks, so it made some sense to make themed piles of these things, most of which represent tasks. If I get a good system in place, I won't need to have near this much stuff living in my Tickler file and it will likely function much better and not end up 13 days behind schedule like it just did.

So, what is the next step? I'm not sure -- which, I now realize, has been why I've been spinning wheels on this all month. I didn't have something forcing me to set a goal. I'm resisting the next step because it requires committing to a new system. And I hate to commit. As long as I don't commit, I can retain the fantasy that this new system will be perfect -- so perfect that I can get done everything I can imagine doing (and I have a very big imagination).

It's past time that I commit. So, tomorrow, I'm putting the skeleton of the system into place. That's my goal.

October daily household task log:
15: reorganize mud room
16: straighten up before cleaning crew
17: plastic container back to MiL's
18: cleared In Box and Tickler
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