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Happy Friday! Went to the hematologist this morning. He showed me my labs. I get to stop the iron ! Yay! I get the infusion on Thursday, it will take 4-5 hours! He said that should help, then we will monitor. Labs 2 weeks later, 2 months and then an appt. he said it might be something we have to do twice a year.

I mentioned Dr Becky. He said I know she's gone! I told him how lost I was because she started this and had been my dr for so long. I'm not normal. He laughed and said you are a little complicated and need someone like her! She acted like an internal medicine dr. He pulled a website, show 3 drs, said they are all wonderful! They can and will be able to take care of you! I go to them!
So that's it...... I love him and I'm going to call them.

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