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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful fall day in my neighborhood although chilly and breezy. I went to get my nails done this morning and ran a couple other errands on my way home. I've been looking and sorting through catalogs; I seem to get a lot of catalogs in the fall. Bob is farming again so won't see him until dark.

Maggie -- A monthly trip to your favorite shopping sites and restaurants sounds like a good plan to me! I really like all three of your places to eat. It was 32 degrees when I went downstairs this morning -- too cold. I hope you can get your hair cut before you leave. It seems like my hair will be just the way I like it one day and the next it goes every which way and time for a trim. I can imagine you are having fun to get everything together for your motorhome. It's too bad it's not all set for the CA trip. How many children do you have? If you've ever said I have forgotten.

Susan -- When you speak of Ladies of the Night, I ALWAYS have to ! You have been doing a lot of quilting! It's nice that Bella is doing so well and move to a larger place. I'm seriously thinking about putting the flannel sheets on the bed! Bob mentioned he was cold the other night and brought a blanket up from downstairs. I have a small extra blanket I put on my side now but he is usually warmer than I am. When I'm cold I'm cold!

I need to keep moving and vacuum the fur/dust bunnies. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!
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