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Talking Thoughtful Thursday


It is a chilly 40s this morning in the ♥-Land and it feels good with the heater turned on. Will has gone to the museum and all is quiet here in this house. I sure hope I can get into get my hair trimmed before we do have to head out to CA. My upsweep is a bit too long and Will needs his head shaved. I can shave his head but he can’t cut my hair. Will wants me to make a pot of chili beans this day so that is what I will be doing for dinner. Easy for me to do and in this weather they will taste good. It is down right chilly outside.

I ordered a few necessary things for the MH and what is really neat is that they have a great dog dish combo that doesn’t spill water on the floor for those of us who have dogs on our travels. The food and water dishes sit in a container that has walls and holes in the bottom which drain the spilt water into a tray that encases it. Here at home we have their dishes sitting on a place mat but need something better for when we are all in the MH. I have the perfect corner in the kitchen area where I will feed them. I can just see their bowls sliding across the floor so I am getting prepared. Right now the MH is parked out of town in the country at a friends place where we will leave it for the winter. Meanwhile we will be fixing up a place here beside the house to park it. I can wait until then to get all the goodies I have rounded up to put into it to take care of our creature comforts. I got a chuckle when I overheard Will talking with a man today and said, “No Maggie will not be overloading it but will put what is necessary in it.” I already saved a chunk of weight for opting to not put in a full sized washer/dryer in a closet. Plus I saved a chunk of change by getting the little washer and dryer instead of the thousand dollar model of washer/dryer. It is fun gathering up the necessary things we will need to have in it.

Since we don’t plan to be full-timers again when I make up a menu for the amount of time we will be “out there” on the road I can make sure, if needed, I also take what appliance it is to make the food in but that particular appliance won’t have a permanent home in the MH. Right at this moment in time I can’t think of what I would have to take along except if Will wanted me to pressure smoke a rack of ribs. I can make most dinners without using a special appliance but just in case that is what I can do. Also I have to think of what I can make without any electricity because where we go there aren’t always any hook ups. I have an oven that fits on a camp stove that collapses down to 2 inches thick and is a 12”x12” cube when opened up. It bakes great biscuits. I do have ways to cook and bake without electricity. I have small bake pans that fit into that oven also. Since I am the chief cook and bottle washer I need to have my tools. And would you believe it if I told you I even have a bake tile that fits into that small oven on the rack. I use a tile stone here at home for baking so why not on the road also I ask. Yikes I have been a motor mouth about our motor home fixins.

SUSAN What a wonderful busy week you are having. Congratulations to your friend Bella who owns that shop. You are so right about the folks left behind when someone crosses over but we should really be joyful that they are in a better place. I hope they are planning a sing off for her out there. It is so nice to hear the mighty chorus singing a loved ones favorite songs as a “sing off” for the one who has passed. Next time we go to OG I am going to have that Apricot Chicken and endless salad you mentioned. It sounds yummy.

Have a great afternoon my Magnolia friends.



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