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I'm a single mom, so I completely understand what it's like to try to do things when you're at a minimum functioning level. Days that I'm sick, I still have to be a mom and make sure that my child goes to school, gets home, eats, is clean, etc.

I am a batch/freezer cooker, detailed HERE but on days when I'm stuck, I have some quick meals in my repertoire that take less than 15 minutes and almost no work. Maybe you can suggest some of these to the hubby since they're super simple?

1) eggs, turkey bacon/turkey sausage, toast
2) Vegetable omelette
2) Black bean/veggie corn tortilla quesadillas with cheese, sour cream/salsa
3) Canned sardines and almond crackers (my daughter won't eat this LOL)
4) Turkey kielbasa, any frozen vegetable, some kind of starch
5) Microwave "baked" potato loaded with oven roasted broccoli, turkey bacon, cheese, sour cream
6) High fiber tortilla/flatbread/pita pizza with toppings
7) Pasta with marinara and veggies
8) Minute rice and canned beans with peppers, onions, Spanish seasonings (this can be eaten as is or rolled into a burrito!)

Things that I keep in my freezer for emergencies or busy days for the little one that I prepare ahead are things like cheese/cauliflower sauce frozen in ice cube trays (quick mac and cheese when you mix a few cubes with cooked pasta), homemade burritos, squash/chicken nuggets, burgers, zucchini/turkey meatballs, and marinara sauce. Any of these can be just microwaved or put in a toaster oven. A rotisserie chicken can be a God-send, and so can canned beans, minute brown rice, and frozen vegetables.

I don't really eat a lot of pre-made food because I am a much better cook, it's entirely too expensive for me, and the fact that I can't control the quality/healthiness of the ingredients. However, I think the Dr. Anderson's diet would work well, despite your injury. Maybe you can try it for a month (it can't hurt) and see if it helps. After a while, you will be more mobile again and can get right back into exercising.

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