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Morning all.

Shad - Busy as usual, huh? Re the retirement funds - when I hear and read how much money you're supposed to have, it's so big and seemingly impossible to achieve. And another suggestion I hear is to hold off taking social security as long as possible, to age 70, when the payouts are largest vs. the actual age you qualify, which would be somewhere between 65 -67...sheesh. We'll be working forever!! It really makes me realize how important it is for me to find a career in something I'm really interested in and will enjoy doing!! Sorry you new doc is more about getting patients in and out than focusing on you in your time together. Re Halloween - it's really become a huge thing here. It's getting closeer and closer to Christmas for $$ spent on it.

Annie - Too bad you didn't get to the festival yesterday, but it sounds nice just to chill out with your loved one. I can't say I'm much interested in fishing, but the other parts of it - being on/near the water, hopefully in a quiet, pretty place - that appeals to me. Yeh, I don't think any of us called at Mel's place except you - you were the only one who'd tracked her down at that point. I'm sure it was all the people in her building making pests of themselves as usual. Or meaning well. Re the doc visit - no new meds for anything. My bp is very well controlled, doc is pleased with that. I'm on the lowest level/dose of med, one step above a plain old water pill, so there's really nothing to reduce to, darn it. Let us know if you go to TOPS!

Ceejay - Safe travels!! Ten days off - nice!

Michelle - TBL has been going with the extremes for many years now, I just don't think you'd qualify as a contestant! I'm glad you find it motivating, I know it's important to keep the motivation going - struggling with that right now. It would probably be a good thing for me to tune in to TBL, and do more reading about weight loss, etc. Keep the focus!

Hellos to Happy & Susie!
Doc appointment was fine. Doc suggested a lot of water and cranberry supplements for me, which I wil do. Also said to see how I feel in a week and if there's no improvement, go see my gyne to see if there's anything going on down there. She was also going to order bloodwork, but I'm having it in a week through my work, so she was fine with that - she gets the results sent to her. I'm stopping with all those cherry tomatoes I've been eating just in case that irritated something. Otherwise I just don't know what else to do.

Barre class was good - again feeling it a lot in my feet and lower legs.

Nothing much else to report. Getting my flu shot in a few minutes, so off I go. TTFN.
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